Cyber ​​threats that can affect anyone?

Cyber ​​threats are the various methods that can be used to harm us using the Internet or mobile technology.

Do you know? that a hacker can be any person who uses/misuses technology for unintended use to cause financial harm to individuals to damage their reputation. Hackers can use malwares, viruses or trojans to damage your computer and gain access to your data.

Cybercriminals want to gain unauthorized access to our sensitive information. In most of the cases cybercriminals attack with a clear purpose for which they use the most effective methods.

Some of the common methods used by cyber criminals are:

E-mail spoofing : By sending you e-mails that appear to be genuine and sent from trusted e-mail ids but are not actually the case.

Malicious file applications : Sending malicious and malicious applications and files to you through direct messaging, gaming, e-mails and websites to access your smartphone and personal data.

Social Engineering : Social engineering is a technique used by cybercriminals to gain your trust by getting information from you.

Cybercriminals use what you like most to try to establish communication with you in order to obtain your information and/or do you some harm. Let's say you like to play online games, the pretender will behave like another kid and invite you to talk and share information.

Cyberbullying : is a type of harassment or intimidation to someone using electronic and communication media like computers, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Identity theft : Willful damage to the identity of a person for financial gain or to obtain loans or other benefits in the name of any other person/associates.

(Job Fraud) Job-related forgery: Fraudulent or fraudulent representation by an employee or prospective employee of his employer.

Banking Fraud: fraudulently obtaining money from a depositor's account by posing as a bank or other financial institution.