Why is cyber security a concern?

Today internet, computers, smart phones and other devices of communication technology have become an integral part of our lives and life. Imagine how much time we spend each day using these smart devices.

We have made internet communication media like Google, Emails, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc. an integral part of our daily activities but most of us are unaware of cyber security and security measures required to protect ourselves from cyber crimes.

Did you know? that any information - or personal information - that is shared on the Internet is there forever because it is extremely difficult to delete the information completely?

What are Cyber ​​Crimes?

Cyber ​​crimes are crimes that are committed against individuals, companies or institutions using computer, internet or mobile technology. Cybercriminals use platforms like social networking sites, emails, chat rooms, fake software, websites, etc. to attack victims. Children can also be victims of many types of cybercrime.

According to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), more than 53000 cyber security incidents were reported in India during the year 2017.

Do you know? Cyber ​​attacks are becoming more complex and sophisticated and are aimed at stealing personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, photographs, bank details, etc. Your personal information can be used by cyber criminals against you in many ways such as creating fake profiles, posing cyber threats.

CYBER Friends, don't worry, you can protect yourself from cyber crimes by taking precautions and being alert. I am your cyber friend and I will help you understand the different types of cybercrime DOST and the precautions you should take to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.